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Motorcycle Accidents in Ft. Lauderdale / Miami

Motorcycle riding in Florida offers a sense of freedom, but it also carries risks. Understanding the legalities of motorcycle accidents is crucial if you’re involved in such an incident. Attorney Gabriel J. Carrera, based in Fort Lauderdale and serving South Florida, is here to provide clarity on these complex cases.

Immediate Steps Post-Accident:

  • Prioritize medical attention and safety.
  • Report the accident to law enforcement and gather information from all parties involved.
  • Document the scene comprehensively.

Helmet Laws in Florida:

Riders over 21 with $10,000 in medical insurance coverage aren’t mandated to wear helmets. However, helmet usage is strongly advised for safety.

Determining Fault:

Florida adheres to a “pure comparative negligence” rule. Compensation may be reduced based on your fault percentage in the accident.

Recoverable Damages:

You may claim for medical expenses, property damage, lost wages, pain and suffering, and wrongful death in fatal cases.

Statute of Limitations:

The deadline for filing personal injury claims is four years, and for wrongful death, it’s two years from the date of the accident or death.

Hiring an Attorney:

Engaging an experienced attorney is highly recommended. They can handle evidence collection, insurance negotiations, and advocate for your best interests.

How Attorney Gabe Carrera Can Help in Motorcycle Accident Cases

With his deep understanding of motorcycle accident laws in Florida, Attorney Carrera offers comprehensive legal assistance:

  • Knowledgeable Legal Knowledge: Profound understanding of the intricacies in motorcycle accident cases.
  • Strategic Case Management: Tailoring strategies to individual cases, ensuring each client’s needs are met.
  • Effective Negotiation and Litigation: Skilled in securing fair settlements and ready to represent you in court if necessary.
  • Personalized Client Care: Dedicated to supporting clients through every step, providing empathy and understanding.
  • Contingency Fee Basis: No legal fees unless successful in recovering compensation for you.

Contact Attorney Gabe Carrera for Your Motorcycle Accident Claim

If you’re involved in a motorcycle accident in Florida, reach out to Attorney Gabe Carrera at 954-533-7593 or via email at [email protected]. Benefit from a free consultation to evaluate your case and discuss your legal options. Let our expertise guide you to a just resolution while you focus on recovery.

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