So you go to court with your attorney, and you show up in your readiness ticket to the insurance company because they refuse to pay out on your claim. A lot of people are surprised to know that if they’re in court, and they’re suing because somebody hit them, and the other person was at fault and they have damages, or they had an operation a broken leg or their cars all totaled up that the jurors in the box cannot know that there’s insurance coverage, and sometimes you get folks that come in and they look old and they dress poor and they play the part, and they go through the whole trial. And what happens is, at no time can the attorney, let the jury know oh there’s a $500,000 policy we’re only asking for 50 you should give it the reason. The Florida Legislature codify this rule is so that insurance companies will lose equal plain fields. In other words, if people knew that there was a $500,000 policy they were asking for 10 they might get 50. You know, so in the wisdom of the Florida Legislature what they did is they prevented both parties, anybody in court telling the jury: Oh, there’s this insurance company and it’s got the that much coverage it, and it covers this and it covers that this is what our injuries, no you can’t do that. A lot of people never know people come into my office with them I wanna Sue that insurance company because they tried to negotiate the claim on their own. Now these people, they know what they’re doing. They’re not stupid. You’re not going to go in with a letter, and they’re just going to write your big old fat check. And maybe one out of 100 in the bar that tells you that maybe they did. But the other 99, they didn’t. A lot of times, the issues couples basically under like $100,000 claim they say, 1000, you got to go in and you got to chase it you got to go after. And there’s these rules that benefit the insurance companies, because you’re supposed to go after the at fault driver, not the insurance company. So with that being said, up in time, up until the time of the verdict. And the amount of damages that awarded. After the jury leaves and goes home, then the attorney can put the insurance company. On the final judgment to collect the monies and there’s a lot of other intricate nooks and cranny processes, and in the civil litigation, that goes with that. But if you’re ever wondering, or you’re sitting in a jury box, you have jury duty and like, how much insurance is there, they can’t tell you because they would be breaking the law. Hey, if you like these types of informations and you like listening to the attorney that writes Hey, please subscribe to my channel below, and rock that bill just crush it right there’s gonna go Bing. So when I do a new video, you get a little message in YouTube saying hey Dave’s got a new video.

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