Hey my name is attorney Gabriel Carrera and I practice law here in Broward County, Miami Dade County, and I’m known in advertising as The Attorney that Rides. Today I want to talk about the three types of insurances in accident cases.

The first one are Medicare. A lot of people have Medicare or Medicaid. This is a federal lien is placed on an accident so if you get hit by somebody who has $100,000. Normally in a Medicare, they’ll put a lien and they’re entitled to put a lien on your case but it isn’t dollar for dollar, basically. Um, there’s a federal formula. And normally, my law firm will negotiate those numbers down. But what’s good about it is that if you get like a, an 80 or $90,000, medical bill. They have a contract with the hospital, and they lower the medical bills, and then I come back in I reduce it even further.

So at the end of the case, the Medicare lien is resolved, and it’s paid off. Another type of insurance, that could place liens on an accident case is that of just private health insurance because it isn’t insured health premiums, so basically you’re paying into it, and they’re entitled to to get monies back, depending on the plan they have their formulas you contracted with them, whether it be Blue Cross or, or travelers, in whatever type of health insurance you have. Same thing with Medicare, their prices are a little bit higher they pay a little bit more.

But if you have that 80 or $90,000 hospital bill medical bill. If they take your insurance they have a contract with your private health insurance, and for example, to tylenols, there’s a medical code for that so they come in and say look, we’re not going to pay $20 for two tylenols, we have a contract. We pay $3 and that’s it. So what happens is from way up here. Now, it’s down here. And then I come in and I try to negotiate the bill a little bit lower, they take into consideration if it was a poor settlement because partially faulty stuff like that, these are factors that I can use to negotiate it down on the, the final one is the big scary bear.

And if you have this type of insurance you get into an accident. It all depends, you know, try not to use it, unless the other side has no funds in their bodily injury coverage that would cover you in a motorcycle accident or an auto accident. and that is the employment Retirement Income Security Act, we’ll call it ERISA is a self funded health care plan. It is through federal law. Basically they’re depending and there’s a lot of nuances in different plans that are out there. This is just a nutshell normally, on average, they can get dollar for dollar, minus the attorneys fees because, you know, the attorneys, got the money they they settled it, they put in the legal work they’re entitled to get paid. So the procurement, some plans they get dollar for dollar, or if the settlement is very low.

They have a different type of formula. Now, if you have any questions about these medical plans and how they put liens and things of that nature. You’re gonna have to do some research and call up those folks that basically fund you or give you your insurance and they can direct you to a department with some brain trust, they can give you the answer. But if you are. If you retain The Attorney That Rides, me Gabe Carrera. We’re on top of it and we’ve worked with different companies, or third parties that that work on behalf of these insurance companies right now. I have a lady on the other side that’s been a little bit while she’s very aggressive and she’s doing her job. And she’s making me earn my money but we’re going to get that bill down. Normally we do I got a pretty good record on that, but you got your medic, you got your Medicare medical that’s federal there unpop typically the private health insurance could put a lien on it. And then there’s a risk if you do have an original plan, you’re going to move forward and receive treatment. Remember, they’re entitled dollar for dollar. Most of the times, but if you’re not sure, give them a call my name is Attorney Gabriel Carrera, and I hope that these insurance nuggets that I gave you help.

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