Hey Gabriel Carrera here. Accident Attorney in South Florida, I advertise as the attorney that Rides, they will let you know that some of the things that happens in in the life of a case from when they sign it up to when they settle to when I do bill reductions is a lot of times, health insurance companies will most of that they place liens on the case because they’re entitled to get some money back. but they have contracts with the hospitals where sometimes the hospitals will have a big bill and insurance company no no no we got a contract in everything that has been treated in the hospital has a code like we get a towel. If they give you an IV, it’s a code.

They give it a shot into code. So every code, they say we pay X amount for this the hospital enters into an agreement with them.

But a lot of times these hospitals what they’ll do is they have very few government oversight, is that they’ll charge more. They see the settlement with the person yes or no you own so much. I’m dealing with a case right now where the actual health insurance company said, wrote a letter stating to the insurance company up in Palm Beach County, I won’t say which hospital, but saying hey, you’ve got a contract with us, and we paid out, you need to adjust it, now this gentleman’s bill is about zero. But there’s about, I don’t know, $20,000 sitting in my trust account in this hospital is basically hijacked the keys by law. I can’t get that money to the client, until I settle that bill. So right now we’re dealing with that.

Just to let you know some of the things that I do when I work on in case. And we’ve got specialists that can come in and they can review it and come out and say you know what the insurance company is wrong, and eventually we bring in an attorney that specializes in so when hospitals for these type of bad practices, it’s like double billing, you know, and it’s really bad so if you’ve got a case, don’t fall into that trap, I know what I’m doing, I can do a great job for you. I want to be your ABOGADO. And there’s another attorney around here that says that I want to be your attorney call me, Gabriel Jose Carrera here in South Florida, and I’m doing these little podcasts again I bought my little GoPro so I’m starting it up again. 9545337593 I’m here to help you with what you need.

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