Hey! how you doing? my name is Gabriel Carrera and I advertise as the Attorney that Rides! and I’m here in my office. And I just want to let you know that I just had a client who called me up, who was in the hospital, and he had three attorneys, call him up. And of course, he didn’t call them, his friends didn’t let them know the number the room number but they call them up, because it was wrong, because it’s unethical, it is against the rules of professional responsibility. And do you really want an attorney that’s going to call and try to hunt you down to get your business? That’s why he called me, I let him be. He knew that I was here if he needed me, and I’ll let you know when you hire me. I’m professional, ethical, and I do things right. So if you need an attorney. Call attorney Gabriel Jose Carrera. That’s me. The attorney That Rides. If you need an attorney, what do you call ladies? JUST CALL GABE. There you go!. Just call Gabe or

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