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Right. My name is Gabriel Carrera I advertise as The Attorney That Rides. I’m here with my good buddy. Oh, Richard Ansara, we went to law school together, we studied for the bar together and we’ve had a lot of cases together. Richard is a criminal law attorney, Richard has been handling all the criminal law matters in my office, and doing this since 2007-2008. And I’ve got a question for you.

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Okay, all right

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I’ve got again, with Tom and Mike and the police officers have confiscated his gun. I don’t know why, what are the possibilities and solutions for somebody in that situation? they go down, the handles takes them to the hospital and the police officer confiscate, a firearm that he has properly stored, legal gun, available right it says, maybe as a permit to be chosen, but you’ll give the people, a little info.

Richard Ansara 1:01
Okay. Generally, there’s a couple of ways that police are going to seize property that holds some evidence hold, and then there’s the safe keeping home situation like what Jamie just described is probably going to be more safe keeping old.

So in a situation like that realistically, the police department that seizes the weapon. So, in this reality, whether it’s the sheriff’s office or that whatever city municipality would want to contact that evidence department in that capacity. Shows up there with a photo ID, and the case numbers, and they should be able to police it.

That’s it. In a perfect world, the reality is they always make things difficult with firearms. Sometimes they’ll tell you that they need a court order. Yeah, Louis County. They make everything get very difficult which they always try to do, you know, they shouldn’t do that in a situation like that I’d say, call me. That’s when I have to get on the evidence mold. Otherwise, that means that they’re using it for some kind of a piece of evidence for generally a situation like that in a criminal case maybe DUI or something like that I’m not sure how to be relevant there if it’s an evidence hole then you definitely.

Most definitely, because that’s probably there’s potentially maybe they want to charge you to carry a concealed firearm, somehow they feel like it’s readily accessible and you know there’s some evidentiary reasons why they’re holding it so there’s probably a case one day.

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I know about this man. He is a strong Second Amendment supporter, he believes in the Constitution, your right to bear arms, if you have anything that has to do with firearms in the law, contact THIS man, Richard Ansara, CALL ME and I put you in contact with him. You know, You’re gonna be alright. Be safe.

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