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Have you ever wondered what happens to all those motor vehicles that are either smashed, crashed or burn in those protest. Stick around, you’re about to find out.

There are two types of coverage insurance coverage for your motor vehicle. The first one is collision, collision means basically if the wheels are moving the car is moving, and it gets damaged. Most likely, another car, you hit a pole, you hit something your policy would cover that damage. Number two, comprehensive insurance, that means your car is covered. If your wheels are not moving. So, if something falls off of a building onto your car, damaging your car. If somebody sideswiped your car or vandalism, vandalism would be the key if a motor vehicle is damaged during a protest so you would put a claim on to your insurance company but the majority of people do not have comprehensive coverage or collision coverage because it is quite expensive, especially for an older vehicle. If you don’t have coverage. You’re basically out of luck, you’re gonna put your hands in your pocket to either repair or to purchase a new vehicle, if you like these types of videos please smash that subscribe button down below and yep just hit that bell. One more time.

If you need an attorney, what do you call ladies?

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There you go. Just call Gabe The Attorney That Rides

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